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Have You Ever Wanted To Be An Event Planner?

What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to? Remember that amazing festival you went to? Or that beautiful wedding you’ll never forget? 

What made these events so memorable?

Behind every successful event is the planning, promotion and production. There’s so much work that goes on behind the scenes to create an amazing experience. The people. The resources. The time. The strategy. Events can take hundreds or thousands of hours to plan… The Vancouver Olympics took seven years to pull off. 

So, how do event planners make it look so easy?

Do you have what it takes to be a great event planner?

When you’re doing what you love, work rarely feels like work. Event planning is as challenging as it is fun for the right person. If you’re someone who remembers everyone’s birthday, hosts the parties, or plans special events, then event planning might just be for you. If you love creating memorable occasions, why not get paid to do it?

The best event planners have the following traits: 

  1. Organized: You’ve got an eye for detail, you stay calm under pressure, and you’re great at meeting tight deadlines. 
  2. Problem solver: When challenges and/or crises arise, you have what it takes to resolve them.
  3. Creative: You always have the best ideas that are out-of-the-box and innovative. 
  4. Collaborative: Teamwork is your mantra. You bring out the best in others by coordinating and communicating effectively. 
  5. Strategic: Just because you created it, doesn’t mean people will come. Marketing an event is as critical as the planning that goes into it. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Where do you want to work as an event planner?

From organizing the Van Gogh exhibit to promoting tickets for a trip to the International Space Station at $55 million a pop, there’s an event waiting for you to plan it. Event planners are required for:

  • Art galleries
  • Celebrity parties
  • Club events 
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Conferences and trade shows 
  • Corporate events 
  • Craft markets
  • Cruise ships and resorts 
  • Fashion shows
  • Film festivals 
  • Fundraisers 
  • Hospitality and hotels
  • In-store events 
  • Live and improv theatre 
  • Not-for-profit 
  • Parades
  • Pop-up shops/events 
  • Religious events
  • Sporting events 
  • Themed events 
  • Tourism 
  • Virtual events
  • Weddings

Stenberg College will help prepare you for a career in event planning

Our Business Diploma – Marketing Specialization program prepares students for an entry level position in marketing and event planning. Study in a fun, practical, hands-on learning environment that truly prepares you for the job market in Canada. 

Is a career in event planning and event management right for you? Come join us in Canada and find out for yourself! 

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